Collabion Charts Live Visual Editor

Want to try out Collabion Charts but not ready to install yet?
No sweat! Here's where you can dig your nails deeper into the product without really having to download or install anything.

To make it quick, we have some data sources ready, which you can use to tweak and customize the charts in whichever way you want.
You may use any of these to build the data:

SharePoint List

Want to pick a SharePoint List? Go right ahead – choose a list from the current site or a different site to create your chart.

Microsoft Excel

We have some pre-uploaded Excel files for you too! Just choose one from the 'Asset Picker' provided in the wizard.


You can play with some static data by pasting it in the wizard, or provide a link (eg.: dropbox link) for any publicly available data.

SQL Server

For using SQL Server DB, use 'Windows Authentication'. Server: collabiondemo and Database: fusionchartsdb

Shall we begin then? Just choose from the chart templates below that you'd like to visualize your data in.
Yes, all you need to do is click on “Edit This Chart” to get started. It’s that simple! Go ahead, kick your shoes off and play awhile.

 Collabion Charts for SharePoint ‭[1]‬

 Collabion Charts for SharePoint ‭[2]‬